Data templates allow you to inherit fields and sections from other data templates. When a template has many base templates, fields and sections from inherited templates are merged.

One example of the demonstration of usage base templates is creating a metadata data template with two fields, Title and Description.

By creating a new "Blog Post" data template that inherits the "Metadata" data template, you can ensure all of your posts have metadata fields (Title and Description). That is a great way for your content to have consistent metadata.

To configure the base templates for a data template, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Development > Data Templates to display the Data Templates screen.
  2. Select the Data Template you want to edit either from the data template tree or the listing section. graphical user interface, application, table
  3. The Data Template details screen appears.
  4. Click on the Settings tab.
  5. Navigate to the Base templates section and select the base templates you want to use. graphical user interface, application
  6. Click Save.